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Posted on: May 29, 2009

Here we are! A nifty little blog for all things healy and warcrafty. Maybe now and again I’ll deviate from standard protocol and insert a WoW inspired recipe or two; but be prepared to be bombarded with everything from talents to spells, glyphs to enchants. Oh, and entire posts dedicated to our little non-combats friends because I’m addicted.

As a little background:

I started playing WoW about 3 years ago, after watching my boyfriend play on his rogue for months. While his job seemed relatively boring (stab-stab-move around-stab), I was always intrigued by the people who kept him alive and didn’t need to kill stuff to find enjoyment in the game. After I moved in with him, the search was on to find a class I loved and a computer capable of running WoW. After a bit of prodding on his part, I decided I would play a holy priest. Not any holy priest, mind you, but the best darn holiest priest you’d ever see. So, being the sweetheart of a guy he is, Satorri created a warrior and leveled with me the entire way to 70 (back when leveling a healer by yourself was kind of a non-option unless all you did was run dungeons). And that is (mostly) the reason why Edainne has never been, and probably never will be, shadow. After the accomplishment of getting her to 70, my nights were taken over by BC raiding, but weekend were still free. So I leveled Sairyn, a formerly enhancment shaman who now dabbles in both elemental and resto specs (yay dual speccing!) and I continue to level Fluffikins (because boomkins are cute and I desperately want a tree), who is almost big enough to start playing in Naxx. Eventually, I might level a paladin, seeing as that’s where my healy knowledge ends.

So what does any of this mean to you? And just because I love healing, why do I want to blog about it? Well, first of all, I like to research this information for myself since I’ve been the go-to gal for heal-leading for the last 2 years. I feel better making assignments when I know the specialities of each class. Secondly, I love healing so much I have 3 characters with healing specs and appropriate gear (heck, Edainne’s dual spec is discipline!). And finally, I’m going to college to become a teacher. Isn’t it only appropriate I express myself in a way that can educate others?

I hope my information’s accurate (and that I’m corrected when it’s not), debate stirring, and accessible (I know finding conversions for spellpower co-efficients can be messy). So let the blogging begin!!!!!


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