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Posted on: June 10, 2009

Dun-dun-dun-dah!!!!! Fluffikins has finally reached eighty (read: what I’ve been doing since my last post instead of finishing my thoughts on raid healing assignments…more on that tomorrow). Her dual spec’s have been revamped for raiding, Boomkin and Resto, though by virtue of not having hit gear, I healed my first 10 man Naxx on her. Ok, that might be exaggerating. I just really love healing, and feel guilty when it’s the only thing I do. Love to Osyras for being the sweetheart that he is and letting me heal instead of taking the opportunity to do so himself. I was actually pretty astonished. She was in questing, not even instancing, blues and managed to keep up with the sweetheart geared pallies who decided to indulge me on a run (On that note, a very public thank you to Wood, Thero, Opy, Anday, Cat, Zapo, Swarmz & Creeperz for helping me, Szar and Shrell get geared up even though we shouldn’t have even been there). I also grabbed 3/4 of my tier pieces for resto (woohoo!), so just have to snag the helm for my 4 piece nourish bonus. Fluffi was lucky enough to receive the same BoE gloves Edainne has from 10man Ulduar.

Ok, enough with the news. I was reading a friend’s blog, and something hit me that I found interesting. Both she and I treat our characters simultaneously as a part of ourselves and as their own beings. We feel a sense of abandonment if we ignore them or leave them out to dry. So, my question is, WHY do we feel this way? And does anyone else out there in the blogosphere feel the same way about their characters or are they dispensible to you? I could never trade Edainne for another character, and I wouldn’t want to. And the more I think about it, the same goes for Sairyn and Fluffi (though I’m more inclined to let Ethan play with them and set up their ui’s for his use than I am for Eda).

Just a little bit on the philosophical side of WoW.

Reading my friend’s blog gave me a little more hope than I had been feeling in my role as a raid leader. She reminded me that my guild is filled with wonderful, loving people who enjoy playing together. And for that, I thank her.


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