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Here kitty, kitty!

Posted on: August 6, 2009

There was a rumor floating around both the 3.2 PTR and the live realms after the patch. It centered around a new kitty cat to add to your non-combat pets (ZOMG PET PILES! Imagine it: a bunch of really cute non-combat pets snuggle up for naptime. How is that not adorable? It’s almost as cute as a panda pile).

It was supposed to be a calico cat, but so far as I know, nobody has found her yet. I’ve had friends travel to Elwynn and visit the crazy Cat Lady and check all the other rare pet vendors in the world; no dice.

So, is this cute kitty really coming to a realm near you? I’ll try to find out more in the coming weeks, once I’ve farmed me up some raptors =)


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