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First Thoughts: Trial of the Champion

Posted on: August 12, 2009

While hunters and pallies have been wanting my attention lately, I did take some time last week to try out the new heroic. Because I happened to be on her when I was ninja-invited, my druid got to be the first of my healers to step foot inside the completed coliseum.

A little tangent: I have grown to love the lore surrounding the coliseum; I originally thought it was kind of hokey to have a faire right outside Arthas’ doorstep, but at least the coliseum has more to do with Ice Crown than Ulduar seemingly did (I’m still waiting for them to make a giant “OH SNAP!” connection between Yoggi and the emo prince).

Entering the arena felt…epic. I thought it was a great flourish to have the factions cheer on their announced champions. I loved watching the hordies ride in with their banners waving on high. I can see how this might be incredibly boring the 2nd time you enter the instance, but for right now it still totally immerses me and reminds me how much fun roleplaying can be.

For the first battle, my confidence was pretty high. I’ve done the dailies mulitiple times; jousting doesn’t frighten me. The champions seem to hit a lot harder though, and it was more chaotic than I imagined it would be. It didn’t make me feel any better when the Orc champion completely glitched out and decided he’d rather jump on another wolf and mow down my un-mounted party than concide loosing. We all ran out to wait until Tirion whisked him off to the stands.

The second battle I was not prepared. I went into it blindly, but figured nothing really bad would happen : my group was made of rockstars who had seen the instance before. I was really kind of confused as to why were were fighting the 3 packs of mobs; they didn’t seem to have much to do there, and were randomly aggressive to our party. It’s not like Eadric the Pure was commanding them to attack us for practice. The inconsistency of fighting to train versus fighting aggressive mobs was one of my biggest complaints of the instance. The monks’ meditation spell did have a really pretty visual effect – it looked almost like kneeling power infusion. Eadric came out and was easily smushed. I’m not sure I even got to see all of his moves, but there was nothing particularly challenging of the encounter. I loved watching him ask to run away after being thoroughly wallopped.

The black knight. Oh, how I hate you. I hate that you’ve come back to rain on everyone’s parade. I hate that you spawn numerous ghouls from all directions, and attack healers so quickly that they have no idea what’s going on. I ESPECIALLY hate how you turn into the same model as those horrid ghosties found in instances everywhere. Those ghosties have been the death of me countless times. Sure, we killed you. But you’ll be back. After all, it was only a flesh wound.


Overall, I found it to be a slightly challenging, engaging experience. Sure, it has it’s kinks to work out, but where else can you get three pieces of Ulduar 10 level gear in less than thirty minutes?


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