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Adventures of a Little Paladin (30-34)

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Every time I’ve leveled, I’ve done it in exactly the same way. I’ve picked a hardy spec (Enhancement, Boomkin/Kitty — Edainne was different because she had a warrior at her side), and I breezed through the typical route of Darkshire, Thousand Needles, Stranglethorn. With patches easing the requirements of leveling, and bind on account shoulders that increase the experience gained by 10%, my little paladin, Nesme, seems to go through her levels more quickly. Which is great, if only because the recent paladin change of making exorcism a 1.5 second cast make it feel even more like all I do is sit there and wait for things to die by the virtue of my large sword.

I decided to make things a little bit more interesting for myself by allowing my guildies to choose my questing destinations and my leveling spec. Now my little ret pally is finding herself ankle deep in Syndicate corpses amongst the ruins of Alterac. When Alterac was suggested to me, I didn’t realize that a. all the quests originate in South Shore, and b. there are all of 4 quests. The ogres infesting the ruins are a problem, so you’re asked to show them who the dominant species is in the valley and shoreline south of the mountain’s base. Really, it’s a pretty easy set of extermination quests that make you feel as if the situation is no better under control than it was before you started slaughtering the dim-witted humanoids. The other quest line that leads you into the mountains concerns the Syndicate, a rogue group of displaced Lorderon citizens led by the former nobles of Alterac City. Again, it finishes with a sense of wanting — you kill a few of the organization’s leaders and the constable in Southshore pats you on the head and leaves you be. If these desposed nobles were really a threat, wouldn’t there be more of a follow up?

I’ve finished all of Southshore’s other quests, and will be making my way into either Desolace or Stranglethorn next (Haven’t decided, though the idea of leveling somewhere new is appealing; I just hope it’s not as ho-hum as Alterac and Southshore were).

A few days ago, a friend with achievements on the brain ran me through all the Scarlet Monastery instances and Razorfen Downs; the rampant slaughter he wrought was enough to get me most of the way to level 35. I’m hoping to find some more time this week to get her up to level 40 and maybe re-spend her talent points in the Protection tree. Tankadining it up could be a lot of fun!


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