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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Posted on: August 22, 2009

Blizzcon got underway today and there were some big announcements: changes to Battlenet accounts, the development of Starcraft II, the new Monk class in Diablos III. Oh, and some little thing about the new World of Warcraft expansion.

HOLY CRAP!!!! Their copyrighted phrase ended up being the name of the new expansion. AMAIGAWD NO WAI!!!!!11111oneoneone…..

Ok, most people could predict the name of the new expansion that follows Wrath of the Lich King. But we did get to glimsp at some of the awesome new features in the expansion:

  • 2 New Races: Worgen (for the Allies) and Goblins (for the Horde). Worgen have some really epic lore behind their addition to the Alliance; they were summoned into this plane of existence by both the Dalaran Archmage Arugal (of Shadowfang Keep and Grizzly Hills fame) to protect Gilneas from the scourge, as well as by the Scythe of Elune (see the Alli quest in Darkshire for more info about this) to help turn the tide against the demons in Kalimdor. Goblins are supposedly taken under the wing of the horde after the Cataclysm leaves them stranded on the Lost Isles; but don’t worry all you Booty Bay fans — the goblins attached to the horde are not the same as those from the Cartels that run the neutral cities.
  • Deathwing is back! After years of slumbering beneath the earth, and being taunted by whispers of the old gods, Deathwing has erupted (quite literally) back into Azeroth, tearing whole continents asunder and retaking his fortress at Grim Batol (where years earlier he kidnapped Alexistrasza and forced her to be hsi consort.).
  • New secondary profession! Archeology will be available to all characters and allow characters to be more customizable via Paths of the Titans.
  • Old world Azeroth is getting a complete face lift due to the awakening of Deathwing. Whole new quests and redistricted zones will be yours to explore.

There are few other nifty things, such as an underwater zone, flying mounts in the old world (!!!!) and the level cap being raised up to 85. There was also talk about restributing stats on armor to get rid of things such as armor penetration, spellpower, attack power etc. and focusing more on the basic stats that will provide conversions for those.

Lots more to be discussed, but those were the things that really popped into my mind while I was watching the live coverage. That and Jay Mohr was completely toasted and spouting out hilariously inappropriate jokes. It was amazing.


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