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Arthas Withdrawal

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Remember all those wonderful instances while leveling and questing through Northrend where Arthas’ was completely in your in face? I loved the ever looming threat Ice Crown Citadel imposed on the wary residents of Northrend, and I loved Arthas taunting me in various end quests, treating me as if I weren’t worthy to be acknowledged. He was a completely badass villain, and I was getting pumped to show him how I was a force to be reckoned with. We destroyed his bastion of plague, Naxxramas, and along with it some of his more pivotal aides. And then….we got sidetracked. With Old Gods. And lots of machines. And Ponies. Pretty, pretty ponies. See? We adventurers clearly have a case of ADD. Give us shiny epics, and we’ll completely forget that the fate of our world rests on top of a frozen thrown. Tonight, we’ll go back to “test our skills” in the Argent Tournament’s Trial of the Crusader, and the last boss will be thrown our way. It’s no surprise that we’ll be fighting Arthas’ re-risen Arachnid commander, Anub’arak, but I’m hoping for a surprise in the story line. I want Arthas to reappear, and show us that maybe our little faire in his backyard wasn’t such a good idea. I want him to remind me why he’s the end boss of this expansion, and why I want him to be finished once and for all.

And if at some point the dev’s want to tie in Ulduar with the Lich King as well, all the better. Fighting a rampant old God is worthwhile in any case, but if the Lich King manipulated us into killing Yogg’Saron for his own devices (say, control over the faceless or to force Yogg to relinquish any power Arthas might want for himself), that would be icing on the cake.


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