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Pets for Sale and Raid for the Cure

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Blizzard has just announced that you can now purchase the Pandaren Monk pet and the Little KT pet from their Pet Store. Both cost $10, but if you buy the Pandaren between now and December 31st,  50% of the proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation. While Blizzard is probably being a bit stingy with the proceeds, $5 off of every pet sold is better than $0. And it isn’t as though they haven’t done really awesome things for children in the past. If Blizzard really wanted to continue to make a difference, I think they could continue selling the Pandaren and donating half the proceeds to charity indefinitely. Either way, since I am a petaholic, I’ll certainly be buying the pet before the end of the year.

In other charitable news, hop on over to Big Bear Butt’s blog to learn more about Raid for the Cure. When one of the members of Sidhe Devils on Kael’thas (US) revealed to members that she would be undergoing her first treatment for breast cancer this month, her guild banded together to create a cross-faction walkathon. On Saturday, November 14th at 2:00 PM Central Time, horde and alliance alike will be marching across Azeroth to show their support for Julie and to raise awareness about the disease. Everyone in attendance will be given a pink mageweave shirt to wear, courtesy of a few dedicated tailors. They’ve also set up a raffle for anyone who donates to the Susan G. Koman Fund and emails their receipt to the event coordinators. Either way, it’s a great cause and should be a lot of fun ❤


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