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When perfectionsists attack…

Posted on: November 5, 2009

I spent literally 4 days coming up with a new color scheme and header image for this blog. 3 of those days alone were spent using (a free image editor) to create a header I enjoyed. Why, pray tell, did it take so long? Because I am nothing if not a perfectionist. To a fault. As in, that yellow is .00001 shade darker than the other! I need to fix it! Ah well, I am content and I can use the time at work I’ve spent trying to get the 2 sidebars even (they are!) on actually writing things. A few other realizations:

  • I don’t have to be perfect to enjoy what I’m doing. 
  • It’s far more interesting to think outside the box rather than try to be right and educational all the time
  • I need to get glyphs for nearly all my characters, and Sairyn could DEFINITELY use some new enchants
  • For the above to happen, I should really get back to doing my dailies. 
  • About now is a good time to go back through my spell books and remind myself of all the spells I underutilize. I have a habit, especially with my non-priests, of just not casting spells because I forget they’re there. And once I start getting into a rotation, getting me to change is kind of like convincing a kobold you’re REALLY not after his candle.

Tomorrow is raid night again. I was actually really happy on Tuesday. We were a little sloppy in Onyixa and Trial of the Champion, but we were making really solid progress on Yogg’Saron. The brainbusters were getting really REALLY good at shattering the illusions while the others on the outside were clearing the tentacles  lickety split. Dispels even seemed to go up after a few reminders to the healers (but that is a whole ‘nother topic for discussion). We only have 15 people signed up for tomorrow though; I think people are ok with going back into Ulduar so long as they’ve gotten a chance to go somewhere profitable first. On the second night, no one seems interested in going places where gear isn’t a vast improvement. We were thinking about starting tries at the Trial of the Grand Crusader, but that seems unlikely giiven so many people decling their invitations. We’ll see. Maybe my old Zul’Aman group (i.e. the group of officers/in-person friends) will do a quick 10 man Trial of the Crusader for triumph badges then work some more on the 10 man heroic version.

Wish us lucky either way =D


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