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I caved

Posted on: November 16, 2009

I honestly had hoped to spend more time leveling my paladin this weekend. Between installing Windows 7 (I ❤ the slideshow feature for my desktop!) and reinstalling all my games (and setting up UI’s…),  I ended up only playing little Nesme for a few hours on Sunday. She’s now 52 (yay!) and a bit scratched up from doing a few battlegrounds.

Sunday night, before I logged, I did do one last thing I had promised myself I wouldn’t do until Nesme was at least in Northrend: I spent the 1000 gold and bought her second talent set. I had gotten into a bit of a rut while questing and thought maybe some instances or battlegrounds would liven things up for me. Apparently, no one actually runs lower level instances anymore. So, battlegrounds it was! Prot-ing it up probably wasn’t the best choice for BGs, but I really didn’t want to respec since protection was making questing noob-level easy. The problem with PvP, when you’re on the low side of the bracket, is not really being able to do much of anything.

“LOL i just killed the 52 pally”

“L2play nub”

So, what did I do? I hopped on my shaman, sent Nesme 1000 of Sairyn’s hard earned gold and then got on Fluffi to buy the BoA Mail Spellpower chest….

I gave my paladin a healing spec. And did a single AV where I was busting out holy lights and holy shock.

Now, I can’t wait to get 8 more levels so I can have Beacon of Light to play around with. So, now I just need to remember where a good place for questing would be. I miss questing with Osy; he made everything so much more fun since we were doing it together. And he has a much better memory for quest hubs than I do….


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