Light & Leafy

We don’t want zombies on the lawn!

Posted on: November 19, 2009

Right, if you’ve ever played through Plants vs. Zombies, you’d have heard Sunflower singing her little anti-zombie hymn. I still have that song stuck in my head from playing it last night. I’ve kind of gotten sucked back into my little plants after having to reinstall the game when I upgraded to Windows 7 (I losted all my flowers!!!!!)

Ever since I got Nesme up to level 52 this weekend, I haven’t been itching to play a social game. I’d much rather spend time knitting or playing a design game or quazi-tower defense.

I don’t think I’m necessarily burnt out; I love WoW and I love my characters. I think I’m feeling anti-social. And its hard being in a place where people know me as a cheerful conversationalist when I’d rather just be quietly flying around farming herbs. I get like this every now and again; I just want to escape a bit and have some peace.


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