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It’s the Little Things

Posted on: November 23, 2009

That was pretty much my stream of consciousness first thing Sunday morning when I logged onto my paladin and saw the zomgsoadorable Onyxia whelping sitting in my mailbox. Actually, I saw the whelping first running after some level 11 warrior in Stormwind, but I was still sufficiently sleepy to think it was just a twinked alt with a Dark Whelping. Either way, the giddiness made me so hyper that I was reminded why I never, ever drink coffee.
Here she is just twirling around:
When she’s bored, she’ll just bounce around in a circle. I love it. ANDLOOKATTHOSEBIGEYES!!! *coos*
Nesme, my protadin extraordinaire, is now 55!! Only 3 more levels until she’s big enough to start questing in Hellfire. She was INCREDIBLY lucky on Sunday morning. Minding her own business, trying to get scent glands from one of the mean raptor’s mates, she stumbled across a Ravasaur Matriarch protecting one of the nests. So, as a way of thanking her priestly suga-momma (aka Edainne) for all the start up cash, Nesme passed along the Ravasaur Hatchling. He’s green, and his head’s too big for his body, and I’m in love. Besides, Nesme already has a new pet that follows her everywhere. Evie the Onyxia Whelping! (Yes, I named her. Whelping is too generic) Evie likes to deep breath while Nesme has a pack of 3-5 mobs to attack. She’s such a good little helper!
So, why do I love non-combat pets so much? It’s only a vanity item, after all. And a lot of people would argue that they’re more or less a gold sink (just like mounts). It just happens to be a reflection of my choices as a person, inside the game and out. As much of a whiner I can be, I do love life and try appreciate whatever comes my way. I choose not to ignore the cute things because it’s “immature.” I like being happy and giggly, and those things give me the warm fuzzy feelings from my head to my toes. Cute is its own brand of beautiful; you wouldn’t begrudge me appreciating a gorgeous sunset or picturesque mountain vista, would you? Plus, I think everyone could use a few more smiles =) So, I buy all the pets I can and send all the extras to my alts so no matter where I go or what I’m doing, I have a cute fuzzy friend to accompany me: Long quest line? Never fear, Mr. Wiggles is here! Boss wiping the raid? Please, not while my White Kitten is around!
TL;DR – Life’s too short to not giggle. Take out your cute friends and goof it up a little =) And creatures who have a disproportionately large head or eyes are too cute for words.

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