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My Escapades as a Shockadin

Posted on: December 1, 2009

I don’t know how to put this in a nice way. I’m a crappy 61 holy paladin.
It all started about 2 weeks ago. The whole point of leveling Nesme was to play a healer of each class at max level, now and after the new expansion. So why not buy her dual spec and heal some instances between now and end game. I had a productive couple of days in the last two weeks where I got her up from 54 all the way to 61. Sure, some guildies were sweet and helped me along the way (i.e. ran me through instances I had quests for). I even *gasp!* tanked a Sunken Temple!  
I was prancing around Hellfire Pennisula, slaughtering Crust Bursters (and muttering under my breath when I found I couldn’t skin them), when I get a tell from 64 Warlock wanting to know if I could heal Blood Furnace. Sure! I’m a healer! I’ve played my druid, shaman, and priest long enough! I know what I’m doing!
I felt sorry for that group, I really did. I wanted to bring Edainne in just to prove I didn’t suck monkey toes, but any 80 healer would probably be able to handle keeping people alive (and killing the boss simultaneously -_-).  They were really sweet about it though, and stuck through it. After hitting some rough spots, we eventually found out pace and knocked out the instance with smiles and some pretty new gear.
What struck me as interesting was I used to believe paladin healing to be boring because of the lack of spells. I mean, I have 4 at my disposal, and that’s counting Gift of the Naaru. But then you have to remember about beacon, judging for haste (man, when I started working that in did that make my life a little easier), hand of (insert freedom, protection, salvation).
Oh, and did I forget to mention when I reinstalled WoW after updating my operating system that I made it so that all my healers have mouse-over macros? All, except Nesme that is. I spent the first 15 minutes thinking I was healing the tank when in reality I was just spamming holy light on myself.
Yea, I’m that special.
So, now I realize that I can’t just fart around for the next 19 levels. I actually am going to have to practice (zomgnowai!)…

Luckily, a guildie decided she wanted to level her death knight while taking breaks from grinding out her Insane in the Membrane achievement. She doesn’t like the quests in Outland, so we’ll have plenty of instance runs for me to become accustomed (again) to healing.
And that makes me excited. Like a puppy seeing his human walking up the driveway. With a steak. For said puppy…

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