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Posted on: December 9, 2009

Right, there might have been some small patch that came out last night…

I was SUPER lucky that a snow-storm hit New England last night, and I couldn’t leave my house until 9 am when the roads were cleared. Or I’d be half asleep at my work computer right now, and my boss would actually be around to be upset about it.

We had our raid team meeting last night, and I remembered how much I love the people I play with. Like, really, truly love. We didn’t have the team (or the stability) to do 25 man ICC, so instead we did our weekly raid boss quest (It was to kill Patchwerk, so SUPER EASY…we even got the Make Quick Werk of him achievement) with 25 team members and various friends.

After that most of the guild was content to check out the new instances (the S.O and I have a date to tackle those tonight once I get home), and the 9 officers and a certain kitteh druid I love decided we’d lead an exploratory excursion into 10 man Ice Crown Citadel. Usually we do this on patch days because we’re ok with the constant interruptions of WoW Errors and disconnections, and we like having a sense of what we’re going to be getting into before we take the leap into 25 mans.

So, first thoughts:

  • Healing is manageable, even though the tanks are TOTALLY getting hit more often.
  • Lord Marrowgar is a lily-livered skeleton
  • The instance definitely gets harder the deeper you get in (at least with the first 4 bosses)
  • The trash is difficult in a fun way. And YOU USE SHACKLE!!!!!! Hi, Karazhan Mechanic of gloriousness. I’ve missed you. /snuggle
    • i.e. wiping while laughing and screaming on vent because some random, giant, saber-lashing zombie just snuck up on the holy priest and wtfpwnt her…
  • The encounters are really diverse and interesting. 

Oh, and for anyone who ever wanted to buy an Authenticator….

You get this now.

 Mine will have a name for each head: Fluffy and Muffy. Fluffy and Muffy fight over a bone. And dance. And are the most adorable wittle core hownd everhh. Yessh you are!

On that note, if you’re trying to buy an Authenticator while 4 gazillion other people are doing the same thing after it becomes a widely known fact that you get Fluffy and Muffy….don’t believe Blizzard when their store says that your order cannot be processed. It can (and has) been processed alright….3 times more than you wanted it to!
*I went to buy one for myself and Ethan last night. It went through 4 times, so now I have 6 additional authenticators en route to my house via the free next-day shipping Blizzard is now providing….yay for Christmas presents for guildies? >.<*


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