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Posted on: January 14, 2010

<Drum Roll Please>

May I present, Nesme, level 80 Holidin! Healadin? Shockadin, or am I just dating myself now?
The last few weeks, Nesme has diligently pushed her way through Northrend (and remembering why it’s so awesome to be a paladin in a land rife with undead), until finally dinging the big eight-oh late Saturday night.

She had a bit of a rough start, up in the chilly north, though. I thought it would be incredibly fun to use the new dungeon finder tool to level her a bit quicker (and gain some much sought after emblems before she hit 80). The first Utgarde Keep I healed was…deplorable.

Sure, Nesme was rocking level 60ish blues. But still, she shouldn’t feel so underpowered. After every pull, I needed to drink. But the pull happy deathknight tank would frequently just race to the next pack of mobs, and start smashing his face into their chests. People died. A lot. My holy lights seemed to heal only for about an eighth of everyone’s health. My mana didn’t last trash pulls, let alone the boss. After numerous attempts flailing about (only stopped when I was entombed in ice), I dejectedly left my party. I vowed not to heal another dungeon again until Nesme had more Northrend level equipment.

Fast forward 2 levels. Nesme hasn’t been in a dungeon since her last healing fiasco. Chats with a holy pally friend of mine leave me to believe that the tank was just silly, but I’m still convinced that I need better gear to heal anything.

At my trainer, I recognize that it’s time to train my holy shock once more. Since I normally gallivant around in my retribution spec, I swapped over…

And something hit me like a truck. As I’m moving around my buttons, trying to make everything fit on my bars just a little more neatly,  it dawns on me that for the past 2 levels, Nesme’s holy spec didn’t have the highest rank of her flash of light, holy light, or holy shock spells.

I stared at my screen for a bit. Not only had I been healing for WAY less than I was capable of, I was healing for way less while using more mana…


We remember him. He’s the cute little image I have floating in my head whenever I did anything particularly…precious.

After I put the RIGHT spells on my healing bar, it really was smooth sailing getting my daily emblems of triumph. And, between the saved up emblems and the midnight “Let’s drag Eda through every heroic under the sun”,  I managed to get her Tier 9 Shoulders and gloves.

Oh, and since this week’s Raid Weekly on Terenas was Razorscale, I managed to convince my loverly guildies to let me swap in my little Pally for a quick XT Kill, which promptly resulted in pretty new bracers and a gorgeous shield.

Side note on Razorscale: While you might have mega-leet healers, you still want two tanks on her grounded phase. While we were farming Ulduar, we never really saw (or cared) what happened if the tank got too many stack of her debuff. But, because Ulduar is so last year, we thought we’d be fine if we only had one tank eating her flame breaths. We even had contingency healing plans for when he would be immobilized if he got to 5 stacks. Well, he got to 5 stacks alright. And was promptly unable to do ANYTHING, including basic auto-attacks. For a good 3-4 seconds, Razorscale was ping-ponging between the dps section until the debuff wore off and Osy could pick her back up again. So Razorscale:5, DnR:1. GG, Razor, GG.


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