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Becoming a Better Healer: An Introduction

Posted on: January 26, 2010

I am not the best healer.

That little sentence doesn’t bother me. It never has. used to. But not anymore (and I think I’m a better friend for it =D)

I am not the best healer I could be.

Oh, now that sentence? Hmm. Well, it’s honest. But gosh how I wish it weren’t.

When I started raiding, back in Karazhan, I was pretty confident in myself. I also hated taking advice, and assumed I knew what my character was capable of better than anyone else.  To add to the steaming pile of ego, I was (at the time) the only female healer I knew, and constantly felt as though my healing “buddies” held that against me. So I played my priest my way, and was happy with my output.

Flash forward to Wrath.  Through a series of fortunate events (both in game and out), I no longer feel femi-rage every time I log onto the game. I have a safe environment, filled with healers of every gender and species that I feel confident and comfortable discussing the mechanics of this whack-a-mole we’ve immersed ourselves in. I finally brought myself to the point where I can take advice without feeling anxiety or pain over not realizing it myself.  And I have team mates I can rely on to play just as hard as I have.

All of this is wonderful…except for the part where my own skills seem to have diminished over time.  Honestly, I don’t know what caused it. Maybe it’s flipping through each of the different healing classes at least once a day, making myself a jack of all trades without a specialty. Maybe it’s from always assigning myself a floating position in raids, always looking at the big picture. Maybe I’ve ALWAYS been this way and in true Trini fashion I only realized it years after the fact.

So what’s a priest/druid/shaman/pally to do?

Why, re-learn my skill sets, of course!

In the next few days/weeks/months, I’m going to make changes to my play style. I’ll probably redo my UI multiple times, set up new ways of testing my abilities, go through and REALLY focus on each of my healers one at a time. And everything will be documented here.

And hope, that some where along the way, my friends out in cyberspace will come to me with new ideas, or stories about relearning something they thought was second nature (it’s kind of like a healing support group).  Maybe out of this purely selfish venture someone else will find something they can tweak for their own uses.

Afterall, we’re all trying to make the little green bars stay green!

So, as my main, and as the healer I’m most surprised that I don’t perform better with, Edainne will be getting the loving treatment first and foremost.

Things that will be involved:

  • Reworking her UI (which will likely be used as the backbone for everyone else’s)
  • Giving myself healing assignments out of the norm (Tanks, particular group assignments, etc).
  • Working to increase my response time
  • Making sure all indicators for various buffs are in place, meaningful, and accurate
  • Taking a good, hard look at her talent points to ensure they are properly allocated.

Here’s to making ourselves better! Think of it as a WoW New Year’s Resolution (albeit late).


2 Responses to "Becoming a Better Healer: An Introduction"

I just did that myself. Just redid things so I have mouse clicks and key bindings. I suppose the trick now is to get the memory thing going so the process is more natural. It’s a confidence thing for me….hate letting others down!

I agree! Even though I’ve been playing a healer for 3 years, I still find myself having confidence problems. I waited 2-3 weeks before I actually let myself queue up in the dungeon finder on my paladin because I was so afraid I was going to get something I couldn’t handle.

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