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Shared Topic: Trust in a Raid

Posted on: February 27, 2010

That was the defeat that wasn’t supposed to happen. See those 9 people up there?  Yea, they were the only ones alive since the second champion was dead. So why didn’t we just call it a wipe, instead of trudging on for an agonizing 15 minute battle?  (Did I mention all the pallies in the picture but one were holy?)

Trust. The raid leaders trusted their guildies to do something that seemed impossible. It started as a “Let’s give them a few more minutes; at least we can see some more of the fight.” to “Holy shit,  you guys can do it! Only 4 more left!” to *unintelligible screams and cheers*

A conversation last night got me to thinking:

How much do you trust your raid team?

So, my friends, what are your answers? Do you trust your team to the ends of the earth? Do you only trust certain members of your team? Why do you (or don’t you) trust the other players you’re spending 4-20 hours a week with?

Make a post, then link back to it in the comments. I’d really love to see how everyone feels when it comes to their teams.  Next Saturday, I’ll create a post with all the links to others’ blogs to see just how everyone feels about the teams their playing with =)

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2 Responses to "Shared Topic: Trust in a Raid"

[…] while ago, I read this post. It asked a simple question: do you trust the people in your […]

just a head up that i am currently new reader on your blog.
I have same feeling and same experience that we had 10 mins long FC @ TOC 25 with couple members alive. It was awesome even i was dead at the middle of that /sigh but overall it was your trust on your guildmates

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