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Welcome Back…

Posted on: May 30, 2011

Oh, hello there! Don’t mind me; I’m still cleaning out the cobwebs surrounding the pages over here. It’s amazing how much dust you can accumulate over 6 months.

I had lost the motivation and inspiration to write for awhile. When Cataclysm first came out, I was so interested in playing the game, that I didn’t want to divide the portion of my week devoted to WoW between playing and writing. Well, that’s kind of changed recently. I’ve found myself with an inordinate amount of free time at work, and with so many ideas bouncing between synapses that I’m fairly certain my head might spontaneously implode if I don’t write some of it down. (Clearly, not only about WoW, but as I have other outlets for those, they won’t take up too much space here).

So what have I been doing in the interim? My healers are all 85 and in varying states of progression. I still favor my priest above all else; I love being holy and I’ve put so much effort and attention into her that I’m quite attached. My guild is still on Terenas, and we’re the same little incestuous family we’ve been for years. As much as I’ve reached out to the community, and made some wonderful new friends, I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.

Oh, and the Matticast! Around December or so, Matt from World of Matticus, put a call out for cohosts for the companion podcast for his site. I feel incredibly grateful and lucky that he chose me as one of the people to work on this project with him. I have an absolute ball recording with him, Borsk, Brian, and Chase every week. They are all so incredibly fun to talk to and smart! So, if you haven’t already given it a listen, check it out on WoM or iTunes sometime.

I don’t know where my new motivation will take me. I think, for the time being, most of my inspiration is coming from personal dilemmas and experiences. I have ideas regarding healing and encounter strategies, of course, but there are also so many wonderful resources out there that I might just be echoing those who have written before me. And there may or may not be a certain dwarven priest who would probably do a little jig of joy if those miraculously appeared on another site. Either way, thank you for being along for the ride.


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Welcome back! 🙂

❤ Thank you. You're always so sweet to me.

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