Light & Leafy


Hi! My name is Trini (or Kat if you know me from World of Matticus), and I’m a healaholic.

No, really, I am.  I tried denying it in the past by forcing my poor shaman into dps slots when she clearly wished to be sprinkling chain heals around like fairy dust. I tried denying it a SECOND time by originally gearing Fluffikins to suit a boomkin’s fancy, before re-gemming everything like a good tree ought.

Now, on my forth healer, I’ve come to grips with the idea that what I like doing most in World of Warcraft, is heal. I’m a whack-a-mole junky. I have the Hero complex.

And I’m a-ok with this.

So, expect a lot of musing on the art of healing, the rants of an angsty officer, and maybe now and again a helpful bit of insight. But, mostly just incoherent babble.


If You Wish To Contact Me:

Please, by all means! Leave me a comment, drop me an email! I’ll try my best to respond in a timely fashion. And if you have any healer-y type questions, I’ll be happy to try my best to make a coherent post!

Lightandleafy [at] gmail [dot] com


Blatant Self Promotion!

Be sure to tune into the Matticast every week with Brian, Borsk, Chase, Matt & myself as we discuss healing, raiding, and guild leading in Cataclysm. And always feel free to leave questions/comments for us to address on air – either by sending an email to us at or by using the #Matticast hashtag on twitter!


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