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I hope all my American friends out there had a delicious Thanksgiving!

With all the free time I had over the weekend, I ended up leveling Nesme more than writing anything for the blog (not that I don’t have some posts I’m meaning to edit and put up in the next few days =D).

Oh, and getting my Pilgrim’s Bounty achievement on Edainne, and power-leveling cooking on all my other characters (seriously, I could go from 0-350 in a matter of 45 minutes, and most of that time was spent on traveling and rounding up wild turkeys).

The pet is kind of …. depressing. Every time my Plump Turkey goes near a fire he has the instant desire to roast himself. Not that he isn’t tasty, but c’mon! I guess it doesn’t help that I have sick guildies who will build campfires next to me just so they can munch on some delicious poultry.

WoW Insider had a really great breakfast topic last week about what players are thankful for in Azeroth. I love vanity pets (so cute!) and I really enjoy the intense lore that plays out through the game. But mostly, I’m thankful for the people I’ve gotten to know while playing. They’ve taught me a lot, both in game and out. The community this game has foster is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. I know people from all across the country, heck all across the world. And I wouldn’t have without becoming part of a game.


Woot!!!!!!! We killed Yoggie-Poo last night  for the first time! We were getting to the brain with 40 seconds to spare each portal phase during phase 2, so the tentacles were dying quickly. And I taught someone how to use a mouseover macro, and whaddaya know, he actually dispelled people! So proud! There was joy, homemade apple pie, and maybe a squeak or two of delight captured on vent.

After rewarding ourselves with an Ony kill (by the way, lulz @ the dps/healers who weren’t be careful and died on Ony after we had a superb and fairly clean Yogg kill), we went to Trial of the Grand Crusader. We thought it wouldn’t be so bad since 20 of the 25 people there had gotten up to Anub’arak in the 10 man version. Maybe it was the saronite dust in our eyes. Maybe it was the surplus of giddy energy. No matter what we went into the scary portal (seriously, the skull on the heroic raid portals are TERRIFYING) and…

Wiped. A lot. Which, honestly is to be expected. People don’t just waltz in and get super uber loots. Well, maybe some do. Not us though. What REALLY surprised me though, more than anything else, was that our normally strong dps section couldn’t make a dent in Gormakk before either a. he killed a tank or b. the twin jormungars came out and spewed icky stuff on the raid. A few people were whispering various officers to tell us we just weren’t going to be able to do the encounter. And to you naysayers out there, this is what I  have to say to YOU:

If you see that the boss isn’t dying, chances are the raid leaders notice it too. Saying “we just can’t do this” isn’t constructive. It doesn’t fix the problem of why can’t we do this. The raid leaders chose the raid that night more than just for shits and giggles. We knew it was going to be difficult, and we knew it wasn’t going to be something we one-shotted. It wouldn’t be “progression” if it were that easy. You might argue that we should be raiding regular Trial of the Crusader instead; what do we do when most of the raid team doesn’t actually need more than 1-2 upgrades from there anymore? The only way to conquer progression content is to actually see what we’re up against and to recognize our weaknesses. Are we loosing because people aren’t getting out of fires? Are snobolds interrupting the healers leading to our tanks dying? We’ve gotten to the point where we can’t say that we’re undergeared for our content. Now, it’s resting soley on playing skils and strategy development to get us through. And if we never try, and fail, we can’t learn from our mistakes. We’re doing it because you, the raiders, asked to be brought here. And we’re doing it because it’s an actual challenge, not something we can do blindfolded. It can be really frustrating to wipe so much, but take it as a learning experience, and give your fellow raiders the benefit of the doubt that they can pull through it together. Besides, it’s not like you have to pay for your own repairs =)

Some might be aware of my guild’s recent attempts at having our second night of raiding be our progression night, and having most people not show up on Thursdays out of a lack of interest. So, tonight, instead of doing our normal zomaigawdnowai pwnage of Onyxia and Trial of the Crusader (25), we’re going straight to Yogg’Saron.  Until we kill him, we won’t move onto Trial of the Grand Crusader (even though a second 10 man guild group got up to heroic Anub this week! HUZZAH!). Our rational is that maybe our top notch players will be motivated to come and kick some butt, rather than the 17-21 that regularly show up for our second night (MOAR 3D OS — I’m vain and I want a pretty twilight drake. I figure since I was the one of the 2 people in our ZA group who didn’t get a bear, I deserve a little bit of drake vanity.).

What I’m hoping for is that the stealthed (?) patch that didn’t let me log in last night won’t be causing any difficulties for my raid team. It would REALLY suck if half the team couldn’t make it online. It would really suck if  I couldn’t make it online. Our current plan is:
-Tues (1st Priority) – Yoggie Poo
-Tues (2nd Priority) – ToGC25
-Thurs (1st Priority)- ToC25
-Thurs (2nd Priority) – Ony25
-Thurs (3rd Priority ) -3D OS 25.

That’s 5 raids in one week! YAY!!!

So in other news:
My 10 man team got up to Anub’arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader on Sunday evening. We had 44 attempts left (not bad for our first real foray into the raid after we discovered that Beacon of Light seems to be the deciding factor not only for our 10 man group but the other as well), but we called it quits after a member of our group had to go. So, we reassembled and got Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia taken care of (PS – Now I have 4 pieces of my token’ed gear! YAY!).  My druid and the SO’s noob shaman ended up in a PuG ToC10 that an old friend of ours created. He made out like a bandit, and she got her first piece of tier 9. All in all, it was pretty productive. I’m learning to play my druid a lot better nowadays, probably because she’s the alt I’ve been most focused on. There’s something really enjoyable about watching your hot’s tick over everyone, keeping them safe and cozy (I might have made that last bit up).

I think all of this is a desperate attempt to not do my work. I’m not really motivated today. I’d rather be home with a few blankets working on the scarves I’m knitting for Christmas. Or maybe finishing Mansfield Park for the umpteenth time. I blame my office for not turning up the heat high enough >.<

/end random babbling

So, in lieu of doing Yogg tonight because we’re still having problems motivating our healers to come finish Ulduar, we went to try Sartharion with three drakes up. And we did it! I was happy to see our guild light up with various people getting their achievements, and the twilight drake is really pretty (I’m convincing people to continue doing it until I win the roll).

It’s not a Yogg kill, but it’s still good fun =D

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