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The Toons

Unless otherwise specified, all of my characters call Terenas (US-PVE) their home. Nesme, Cariade, & Hyacinthe grew up there, but Edainne, Sairyn, and Fluffikins survived from 1 to 70 on the tiny Alliance server Lethon (US-PVP). Most of the time, I focus on playing one of my four healers. Though every now and again, a certain little hunter or rogue comes out to play…

Edainne (Level 85 Draenei Priest)

My glowy, light emanating priestess! Edainne was my first character, leveled with the love and attention of  a  protection warrior. She has never been shadow, since having a constant companion made the 1-70 trek as holy a walk in the park. She is my default character (and the name Edainne or Eda is usually the name my guildies associate with me); as much as I love and shower any of my healers with attention, she will always be my main and the character I raid with the most. Usually, she’s spec’d for versatile holy goodness, but every now and again she can be caught bubbling any friendly target within a 30 yard radius.

Sairyn (85 Draenei Shaman)

Sairyn was originally intended to be an enhancement shaman alt. I leveled her to 70, and she remained on my original server (Lethon), untouched, after I moved Edainne over to my current home realm of Terenas (US-PVE). On Terenas, Sairyn has blossomed. She shed her melee-inclined roots for a more mystical path of healing (Although she was at odds with this calling, always intending to be the hero, not the medic). When she’s not bouncing chain heals from one ally to the next, she can usually be found standing in the back, calling waves of lava and high voltage electricity upon her foes.


Fluffikins (85 Night Elf Druid)

Fluffikins was the first character I ever leveled completely on my own. While I LOVE the moonkin form (I’m a sucker for cute, fluffy things dancing), once Fluff reached the shores of Northrend it was evident that she was starting to sprout leaves and branches. Nowadays, she usually bounces from place to place in caster form (and sometimes tree of life…/sigh), except for the odd instance where she’s actually called upon to unleash her Boomkiny ferocity.

Nesme (85 Draenei Paladin)

For a long time, I had a ridiculous grudge against holy paladins (CURSE YOU BEACON OF LIGHT!). I decided the best way to overcome said feelings would be to level my own paladin. Originally, her name was going to be Esme (French for beloved), but when that name was taken on Terenas, I thought it would be fitting to name her Nesme (because “N” always equals no…). And because I’ll always root for the underdog, I did my best to love my little paladin the best I could.  I’ve grown to really enjoy healing on my paladin, although she does still seem to be the least played of my healers.

Non-Healery Alts

Hyacinthe (80 Night Elf Hunter)

Hyacinthe is definitely a stretch from my comfort zone. I picked a hunter as my pure DPS class (because, let’s face it, I will never TRULY dps with a class that has the potential to heal) because I love animals, and kittehs are so cute!







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