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Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve been around, but with the New Year approaching, and with new inspiration for Cataclysm,  I felt the desire to start blogging again. Bear with me while I readjust, and please feel free to send hugs and happy vibes my way =)

Preparing for the ‘Clysm!

So we’re officially 75 hours away from the release date! (Ok, more like 85 if you live in an area like I do that ISN’T having a midnight release. You’re responsible for my pouty face, Best Buy!) I hadn’t really been on my toons except for my teams’ weekly raids, but from right before the shattering until tonight, I’ve been on a little every day, preparing my characters as best I can for the leveling blitz! I’ve moved all my characters to new homes, fully taking advantages of all the Inns I’ve never seen before (Who knew there was more than one in Ironforge!?).  I’ve leveled my little gnome mage and given her some much deserved attention before she gets shelved for another x amount of months until I’ve finished leveling all my healers to 85 and gotten them to the point where I feel like I can let them sit for 5 minutes while I toy around with something that doesn’t involve the end game.

And I’ve mapped out Edainne’s leveling spec. Since I’m a masochist and stubborn, I don’t want to tarnish her record of Never. Being. Shadow. Although, I will say this now –  none of my other characters will level that way. They all have dps specs; I’m not that mean to myself….

Also, having 4 people to instance with makes me dance a little bit in my seat. When we were leveling in Wrath, there was a group of 8 of us or so that would join up and queue together. It made the learning curve SO much less stressful; there wasn’t ever a fear of being cursed out or ridiculed for wiping.

RIP Old Azeroth

I surprised myself a little when I actually felt sad to see the old world replaced by the new order. I thought I had come to terms with the changes, but part of me wished that I had appreciated the Old World a little more before it vanished. I spent my last weeks farming the vanishing reps (and helping my friends do the same), and I didn’t really look around too often. The night before the patch was released, I found myself gazing at the trelisses that used to  adorn the buildings in Stormwind’s (now destroyed) Park District, and realized I had never noticed how pretty they were before. I took some last screenshots, then headed over to the roomier, less densely populated inn in Old Town, and logged out to the Sindragosa load screen one last time.

I do have a little consolation though; even though I never got around to taking all the pictures of Pre-Cataclysmic, Angelya at Revive and Rejuvinate has an AWESOME gallery of screenshots.

Leveling – Oh god, is it fun!

In BC, right before Wrath came out, I remember spending all my time on my 70s just enjoying the new talent trees and having one last hooray at raids that were made much, MUCH easier by the changes. This time around, I’m spending all my time online on lowbie alts. I’m leveling new hordies to experience their side of the stories (plus, my troll druid looks like she had an accident at the Crayola factory; it’s AWESOME), and my mage just feels like the awesome little ball of fire she is.

Plus, the new quests keep everything interesting, and everything flows SO well together. I’m loving the quests being right in the front of the instance when you start; I like feeling like there’s a reason for me going into a decrepit, haunted mansion isolated on an island in the middle of hostile territory. Before it was all, Shadowfang Keep? Uh, I’ll let the werewolves eat the vampires undead so I don’t have to deal with them, thankyouverymuch.  I will admit, though, that I still feel a little weird every time I ding because I picked a flower (Oh look! Peacebloom! <You have reached level 29!>  /anticlimatic shrug).

AMG More Mini Pets!

Clearly, this was my first priority when I patched my game. I mean, really, what else do you when the world explodes around you? I picked up a little Sunflower on each of my healers the week of Pilgrim’s Progress (since 3 of them needed to head out to Undercity anyways for the feasting….mmmm undead turkey!). The PvZ mini game is a lot of fun, albeit a bit more frustrating and not nearly as cute as it’s inspiration, but it is totally worth the singing sunflower. You guys, she stops mid trot to hum to herself!

My priest then headed across the Maelstrom to collect Withers from the new questline in Darkshore. It didn’t take nearly long as I remember it on the Beta (with a level 14 worgen. With no heirlooms. Or Mount…..). As alliance, you basically do all the quests in the new village until you reach the Troll Battle. Once you head back to town, there will be a final quest that gives you Withers as a reminder of the tragedy that struck Auberdine. The quest lines are poignant, especially for anyone who ever quested in Darkshore while leveling, and take about 30 minutes start to finish with a level 80 (not including the travel time to Darkshore).
I think my new favorite pet though is the Moonkin Hatchling. I knew I wanted one when I saw the previews on Blizzard’s new site, but after I was given one as an early Christmas present, I’ve been taking him out every chance I get and just giggling at his preposterously huge brown eyes and his baby drood dance (HIS WINGS DON’T REACH ALL THE WAY BACK!) and his spontaneous flower spawning. It’s amazing I get anything done with him around. Seriously.

So, what have you been doing since the patch that changed the world? Have you been leveling that gnome priest you’ve always wanted? ( I’m making one, even though I have 2 priests already) Are you exploring the shattering and wondering (like I did as I was completing Pilgrim achievement on my druid) where the HELL is the patch of land that connects Northern Barrens to Southern Barrens (Hint: go alllllllll the way to the top of the chasm. Don’t try to jump in the lava and then scale the wall….) ?


Last week, I decided a break from WoW (and especially raiding) was in order. The lag had gotten so bad that even playing around on my hunter (who has now made it out to Hellfire Peninsula with Osy’s adorable gnome) was impossible. Thankfully, those issues have been resolved on Terenas, but I still felt a bit worn out raiding most nights. So I found this website (it’s safe, I promise), and after downloading and tinkering with DosBox (well, after Osy tinkered with DosBox – it’s pretty user friendly –like you-drag-the-game-onto-the-program-and-you-play friendly -unless you have an LCD monitor like I do. Then,  I hope you know more about DosBox than I do or can, you know, read a wiki and follow instructions), I played some really, really old games. Like SimCity old.

I think my main grievances are lack of commitment and the feeling like my 25 man team has hit a wall. It wouldn’t be so bad if that wall was not Festergut. But what it boils down to is that we simply don’t have enough DPS to meet the enrage timer (according to some math I did, we’d have to average about 7k dps per dps player, and we’re not close to that yet).

I get frustrated when I can’t fix something for my team. I really don’t know much about dps, having really only played healers, and consequently, I don’t know how to get my team to crank out bigger numbers when they’re all seemingly following their ideal rotations. Maybe the ranged isn’t spread out enough? Maybe we were range-heavy the last time we tried?

10 mans are going well though, and usually cheer me up enough to go back into 25 man with an optimistic outlook. My druid’s team is getting progressively more cohesive (which I’m continually impressed with because before 2 weeks ago we were essentially just a group of strangers), and my priest’s team finally got Valithria down (I’m going to get around to posting suggestions for that fight, even though I kind of feel like we cheated because we brought a 4th healer in and single-tanked the waves of trash).  The priest’s team always feels like a challenge though. It seems like we can’t always get the same 10 people, though we always are playing with close friends and usually 8/10 are consistent.  We’re super close, and we play exceedingly well together, but actually finding a time to meet is like pulling teeth. From a lion. Who may or may not be cranky. And who definitely hasn’t been given any nitrous oxide.

I wonder if I’m the only one who’s not excited for Cataclysm yet. I mean, I’ll be plenty excited when I get to create a Worgen rogue and level through all the new content. And I’ll be plenty excited to revisit my healers and re-figure out how everything pieces together. But I’m not excited YET.  I know it’s a ways away, but I secretly fear I’m never going to see the end of this expansion. That for some reason or another I’ll never get the closure I’m longing for in Arthas’ storyline. Lore is part of the reason this game is so fulfilling for me; to be so involved, and so close to true end-game progression (and lore progression) , it would be really disappointing for me to have to find video of the conclusion of Wrath of the Lich King rather than experience it first hand.

I don’t want to jump ahead to Deathwing and speculating about the new world order before I finish what I’ve started.

I can’t get too pessimistic though. I know deep down that my teams will conquer the Lich King (even if it’s not zomg-rite-nao!). And our 25 man’s have just been getting stronger and stronger. We’ll be able to smush Festergut someday, even if we need to conquer other encounters first.  We’ve had these roadblocks before (Razorscale wipes for 3 weeks? Why, yes I remember that!)

Oh, and the trash after Valithria? That made me happier than a peanut-butter and banana and nutella sandwich.  And that’s a pretty happy sammich.  I would know. I made them for lunch during our Saturday alt raid.


PS. Both my 10 mans got the weekly quest to kill Festergut and Rotface. Both my 10 mans one shotted Rotface (who we attempted first because we figured we’d be more likely to wipe on him) and wiped on Festergut.  The first group had vomit on the melee group because we only had 3 ranged situated around the room and one died because he didn’t get all the spore debuffs he needed (I had offered to stand out so we’d have a backup range, but people said that was unnecessary and dangerous….) . The second group, and this was shitty, wiped around 25% because the second tank’s taunt wasn’t working and Osy blew up the entire raid. I felt horrible for the second tank because it was pretty clear that he was beating himself up over it.  All in all though, I had to laugh, because we never wipe on Festergut.  Talk about performance anxiety.

PSS. I do this sometimes on my guild forums, but I might MIGHT start publishing recipes for foods you find in game. I was motivated by this because my office friend and I have decided the 18th of every month is National Cupcake Day (we found like 5 different sites all claiming a different month, but interestingly the same numerical day, as National cupcake day). So the first recipe will probably be for Tasty Cupcakes. If what I make for Thursday is tasty. Which it might not be. Who knows?

/hugs for listening to my rants

Damn you viruses for thwarting my dispelly goodness! Random side note – imagine if Blizzard invited viruses into their world. Hey, Arthas baby, instead of developing a plague that’s categorized as a disease (I know, because Professor Putricide routinely diseases my normally handsome boyfriend and turns him into a walking, nomming Abom…who is still kind of adorable in a really strange way), why don’t you do yourself a favor and invent a virus since the magic wielding classes haven’t figured out a way to get rid of those yet.

My raid was called last night due to sickness in multiple households. Primarily those of the main tanks and raid leaders. Really, raids are so much less fun when your warrior runs into Festergut’s room only to fall asleep at the keyboard from the codeine he’s taken to assuage his nausea and body aches. I volunteered to bring people into ToC25, or break into 10 mans. Unfortunately, we had no tanks. And extra dps. Not a good way to break up into 2 10 man teams. And no one really wanted to stick around for ToC 25 man. I swear our 2nd night of raiding is cursed. We’ll clear a good portion of a raid our first night, and be lucky if we ever get back later in the week…

And let’s be honest – I really don’t enjoy raiding very much when Osy isn’t there with me. I have no one to vent to. And in the midst of healing I usually fail to call out the important things. Like Vortices. Or Deep Breath. So, maybe I was being selfish switching to my Shaman and Pally to get their dailies done, then hopping on my baby hunter for the rest of the night. I’ve always advocated that officers of guilds are people too. We should be sure to have fun so we don’t feel burnt out on WoW when our guildies need us most.

But did I do the right thing? Should I have tried harder to get people into a raid, even if meant pugging a quarter of the spots? Should I have suggested going to an old world raid for laughs? Did I let down the people I’m supposed to be leading? I know most of them understand perfectly well when our tanks are sick, there’s not much I personally can do, except make tea and a pot of chicken soup. And I know most of them didn’t want to go into ICC to work on Festergut and Rotface with PuG tanks. That does seem a bit reckless.

I have an enormous guilt complex (I used to actually apologize for hugging people if I didn’t ask them first…). I’ve gotten better, but there’s still a nagging voice in the side of my head telling me I’m not doing enough for others. I mean, it took me almost a week to decide that, yes, it was ok to let my alt use the Battered Hilt she won rather than give it to a non-raiding guildie who mentioned he needed a better weapon. Do any other officers out there also feel a tinge of guilt after having to call a raid? Even when it’s out of your control? The only time I don’t feel bad is on patch day when most of our team is having issues staying online.

In Happier News

My hunter has grown 3 levels in about 2 and half hours of play time. Between heirloom items (she’s rocking the shoulder, bow, and chest piece) and the dungeon finder, I’ve been LOVING bringing her to instances. She’s quested some in the interim (gotta keep Sprinkles active so my cute turtle doesn’t get excessively chubby), but the one problem I’m seeing with all this dungeoning is that her professions have definitely started to lag behind. I don’t want to buy tons of herbs to feed her inscription, but at the same time, I haven’t had any drive to take her and make sure her herbalism has caught up. Right now, I’m eyeing the idea of playing her as I wish until 58, then not bringing her to Outlands until she has everything up to date.

Bailey, mah kitteh, and Sprinkles, mah turtle, are the same level now. So I don’t feel like I’m neglecting any of my pets. I feel like such an emotional pack-rat. I know of hunters who have swapped pets because of dps changes or because one looks cooler than the other. I can’t bring myself to do that yet. My pets are special to me. And I so wish I had more than 4 stable slots…

I think I’ve rambled enough for one day. I also think it’s time for me to go eat something for lunch =)

AND! IT’S (ALMOST) THE WEEKEND!!!! YAY!! Let teh fun begin!

Right, there might have been some small patch that came out last night…

I was SUPER lucky that a snow-storm hit New England last night, and I couldn’t leave my house until 9 am when the roads were cleared. Or I’d be half asleep at my work computer right now, and my boss would actually be around to be upset about it.

We had our raid team meeting last night, and I remembered how much I love the people I play with. Like, really, truly love. We didn’t have the team (or the stability) to do 25 man ICC, so instead we did our weekly raid boss quest (It was to kill Patchwerk, so SUPER EASY…we even got the Make Quick Werk of him achievement) with 25 team members and various friends.

After that most of the guild was content to check out the new instances (the S.O and I have a date to tackle those tonight once I get home), and the 9 officers and a certain kitteh druid I love decided we’d lead an exploratory excursion into 10 man Ice Crown Citadel. Usually we do this on patch days because we’re ok with the constant interruptions of WoW Errors and disconnections, and we like having a sense of what we’re going to be getting into before we take the leap into 25 mans.

So, first thoughts:

  • Healing is manageable, even though the tanks are TOTALLY getting hit more often.
  • Lord Marrowgar is a lily-livered skeleton
  • The instance definitely gets harder the deeper you get in (at least with the first 4 bosses)
  • The trash is difficult in a fun way. And YOU USE SHACKLE!!!!!! Hi, Karazhan Mechanic of gloriousness. I’ve missed you. /snuggle
    • i.e. wiping while laughing and screaming on vent because some random, giant, saber-lashing zombie just snuck up on the holy priest and wtfpwnt her…
  • The encounters are really diverse and interesting. 

Oh, and for anyone who ever wanted to buy an Authenticator….

You get this now.

 Mine will have a name for each head: Fluffy and Muffy. Fluffy and Muffy fight over a bone. And dance. And are the most adorable wittle core hownd everhh. Yessh you are!

On that note, if you’re trying to buy an Authenticator while 4 gazillion other people are doing the same thing after it becomes a widely known fact that you get Fluffy and Muffy….don’t believe Blizzard when their store says that your order cannot be processed. It can (and has) been processed alright….3 times more than you wanted it to!
*I went to buy one for myself and Ethan last night. It went through 4 times, so now I have 6 additional authenticators en route to my house via the free next-day shipping Blizzard is now providing….yay for Christmas presents for guildies? >.<*

That was pretty much my stream of consciousness first thing Sunday morning when I logged onto my paladin and saw the zomgsoadorable Onyxia whelping sitting in my mailbox. Actually, I saw the whelping first running after some level 11 warrior in Stormwind, but I was still sufficiently sleepy to think it was just a twinked alt with a Dark Whelping. Either way, the giddiness made me so hyper that I was reminded why I never, ever drink coffee.
Here she is just twirling around:
When she’s bored, she’ll just bounce around in a circle. I love it. ANDLOOKATTHOSEBIGEYES!!! *coos*
Nesme, my protadin extraordinaire, is now 55!! Only 3 more levels until she’s big enough to start questing in Hellfire. She was INCREDIBLY lucky on Sunday morning. Minding her own business, trying to get scent glands from one of the mean raptor’s mates, she stumbled across a Ravasaur Matriarch protecting one of the nests. So, as a way of thanking her priestly suga-momma (aka Edainne) for all the start up cash, Nesme passed along the Ravasaur Hatchling. He’s green, and his head’s too big for his body, and I’m in love. Besides, Nesme already has a new pet that follows her everywhere. Evie the Onyxia Whelping! (Yes, I named her. Whelping is too generic) Evie likes to deep breath while Nesme has a pack of 3-5 mobs to attack. She’s such a good little helper!
So, why do I love non-combat pets so much? It’s only a vanity item, after all. And a lot of people would argue that they’re more or less a gold sink (just like mounts). It just happens to be a reflection of my choices as a person, inside the game and out. As much of a whiner I can be, I do love life and try appreciate whatever comes my way. I choose not to ignore the cute things because it’s “immature.” I like being happy and giggly, and those things give me the warm fuzzy feelings from my head to my toes. Cute is its own brand of beautiful; you wouldn’t begrudge me appreciating a gorgeous sunset or picturesque mountain vista, would you? Plus, I think everyone could use a few more smiles =) So, I buy all the pets I can and send all the extras to my alts so no matter where I go or what I’m doing, I have a cute fuzzy friend to accompany me: Long quest line? Never fear, Mr. Wiggles is here! Boss wiping the raid? Please, not while my White Kitten is around!
TL;DR – Life’s too short to not giggle. Take out your cute friends and goof it up a little =) And creatures who have a disproportionately large head or eyes are too cute for words.

Blizzard has just announced that you can now purchase the Pandaren Monk pet and the Little KT pet from their Pet Store. Both cost $10, but if you buy the Pandaren between now and December 31st,  50% of the proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation. While Blizzard is probably being a bit stingy with the proceeds, $5 off of every pet sold is better than $0. And it isn’t as though they haven’t done really awesome things for children in the past. If Blizzard really wanted to continue to make a difference, I think they could continue selling the Pandaren and donating half the proceeds to charity indefinitely. Either way, since I am a petaholic, I’ll certainly be buying the pet before the end of the year.

In other charitable news, hop on over to Big Bear Butt’s blog to learn more about Raid for the Cure. When one of the members of Sidhe Devils on Kael’thas (US) revealed to members that she would be undergoing her first treatment for breast cancer this month, her guild banded together to create a cross-faction walkathon. On Saturday, November 14th at 2:00 PM Central Time, horde and alliance alike will be marching across Azeroth to show their support for Julie and to raise awareness about the disease. Everyone in attendance will be given a pink mageweave shirt to wear, courtesy of a few dedicated tailors. They’ve also set up a raffle for anyone who donates to the Susan G. Koman Fund and emails their receipt to the event coordinators. Either way, it’s a great cause and should be a lot of fun ❤

There was a rumor floating around both the 3.2 PTR and the live realms after the patch. It centered around a new kitty cat to add to your non-combat pets (ZOMG PET PILES! Imagine it: a bunch of really cute non-combat pets snuggle up for naptime. How is that not adorable? It’s almost as cute as a panda pile).

It was supposed to be a calico cat, but so far as I know, nobody has found her yet. I’ve had friends travel to Elwynn and visit the crazy Cat Lady and check all the other rare pet vendors in the world; no dice.

So, is this cute kitty really coming to a realm near you? I’ll try to find out more in the coming weeks, once I’ve farmed me up some raptors =)

Patch 3.2 has gone live! There have been a few changes to the healing classes (far more to our bestest friends, the tanks), and a new 5 man dungeon and 10/25 raids have been opened up. Most importantly, though, there are new pets!!!!!!!

Ok, my priories might not be completely straight. But seriously, vanity pets are one of the things that really got me hooked on WoW when I first started playing. An adorable kitten can follow me around while I’m smiting monsters? Sweet!

My guild appreciates the cute things in life — one of our long time “rules” is that each raid team member must have at least 1 non-combat pet out, and the lack of said pet has lead to many a wipe. I have both my li’l Stinker and my fawn, and I’m one of those people who seriously hopes there’s going to be a 100 pet achievement that comes with an even cuter little friend to play with!

Let’s meet our new friends!

There will be 5 new raptor friends for you to find in Azeroth. Each has the same body type with a different color scheme. Some have unique animations.

  • Darting Hatchling — Dark orange raptor hatching. This hatchling will occasionally run away, leaving a trail of dust in it’s wake. These hatchlings will only drop off of Dart a level 38 rare raptor who pats in the upper northeast corner of Dustwallow Marsh.
  • Deviate Hatchling — Violet raptor hatchling with teal stripes. These hatchlings drop off of Deviate Raptors and Deviate Guardians inside the Wailing Caverns
  • Leaping Hatchling — Dark blue raptor hatcling. The hatchling will occassionally wander away, leaping back to their owners’ feet. The leaping hatchling is only dropped by Takk the Leaper, a rare level 19 raptor found in the northeastern most corner of the Barrens.
  • Ravasaur Hatchling — Green raptor hatchling. Dropped by the Ravasaur Matriarch raptors in the raptor den area of Un’Goro Crater (the southeastern section).
  • Razormaw Hatchling — Light orange raptor hatchling. Dropped by the Razormaw Matriarch raptors found just southeast of Dun Mode in the hills of the Wetlands.
  • Razzashi Hatchling – Red raptor hatchling. Dropped by the Razzashi Raptors found inside the Zul’Gurub raid instance.
  • Obsidian Hatchling – Gray raptor hatchling. Sold by Brianni in her pet shop in Dalaran for 50g (I believe that’s before faction discount).

As you can see, of the raptors, only one will be easily obtainable.

Moar Argent Crusade Champions Seals Pease!!!!!
With the new instances and daily quests also come new pets for us!

  • Argent Pony Bridle — Now you can buy your squire (or for you hordies, Gruntling) a pony! For 150 Champion Seals, you can buy the Argent Pony Bridle, which allows your little friend to mount up when you do. But wait, there’s more! For 3 minutes every 4 hours, your squire will allow you to access your bank, a mailbox, and a vendor.
  • Shimmering Wyrmling — Currently it looks the same as the Mana Wyrmling you can buy in Stormspire, Netherstorm. It’s purchaseable for 40 Champion Seals.

Northrend Children’s Week!
Time again to take orphans on a tour of their surrounding world. Quests will send you all over Northrend. You will be able to choose from a Gorloc Orphan or a Frenzy Heart Orphan. Your choice will reflect the pet you receive after you have completed the quests for the year.

Also, for anyone attending Blizzcon this year, or watching the live stream from home, you’ll have the addition of a little Murloc Marine to your pet collection. Grunty the Murloc Marine is dressed in a Starcraft marine outfit and equipped with a C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifer that he’ll occassionally shoot up in the air when he’s feeling bored.

Want more healy goodness?